1. Can I buy a cabin on my own?
    *No, we need you to book through the agent.  This is how we are able to get our dedicated gaming area on the ship. If you book outside our group,  you will be unable to enjoy our dedicated game area & will also miss out on giveaways and other prizes.

  2. Did you know Cruise Con is not spelled correctly? 
    *Yes, on the first year the T-shirts were not spelled correctly, and we just rolled with it :)

  3. Is it the whole ship? or are we just part of it? 
    *Our group will have dedicated gaming areas, but the ship's common spaces & entertainment is shared with all passengers on the cruise.

  4. Can we get more than 2 people in a room to cut costs? 
    *You may work with our agent to add more guests to your room, but the group rate may no longer apply.

  5. Should we bring our own games? 
    *We will have a library of games, but we welcome others to bring games they want to play with others that are not in our library. A library list will be shared with the group ahead of our departure date.

  6. Can we drink alcohol in the gaming area? 
    *Yes, but be responsible.  Don't make this a Con of Shame.  

  7. Will there be group dinners? 
    *Yes, we arrange a group dinner reservation at both the Manhattan Room and Taste for those that want to dine together.  You are not obligated to dine with the group, but we certainly encourage it!  Being a cruise ship, there will be plenty of dining options through the day (and night!).

  8. Do I need to know how to swim? 
    *No, it would be helpful, but you don't have to know how to swim.

  9. What will the weather like in the Caribbean in April? 
    *It will be warm, probably in the 80's.

  10. Is the deposit refundable? 
    *Unfortunately no, this is how we get our group's dedicated gaming spaces.  Please contact our agent if a situation requires a cancellation.